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Maintenance Services
Maintenance Services
Gardelle Construction & Landscape offers a slightly different approach to landscape care. We offer complete yard maintenance, not just lawn mowing. Gardelle's complete yard care maintenance asures you that you will receive the most reliable and highest quality service.

Our complete yard care maintenance includes:
  • Turf care
    Mowing, edging & water management.
    Water management includes evaluating current water usage for optimal results. Does not include replacement parts or labor.
  • Plant care
    Pruning & weeding.
  • Yard care
    Removal of yard debris.
We will fertilize as needed, at no extra charge.

We will advise you of any plant, shrub or tree requiring special attention and will let you know if aerating is needed.

Optional Services: Thatching, clean-ups, aerating, color or plant replacement. Plant replacement includes evaluating current plant health and suggestions for either replacing plant or a regimen for improving plant life.